The Benefits of Online Wedding Planning
Photography by Samia Liamani
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Photography by Samia Liamani

Before the internet, before wedding planning websites and smartphone apps to assist in the planning process, it was much more of a daunting task to plan a wedding. You could imagine all the work that a couple had to go through with wedding planning pre-internet age. Today, things are much different. Everything is literally available at your fingertips. You now have the power to plan and coordinate your wedding with a planner through websites and your smartphone. You can plan, compare pricing, and have everything shipped to your doorstep at the click of a button! Before this was not possible. Every minute detail pertaining to your wedding had to be planned and finalized over the phone or in person.  I am going to share some easy and practical tips for planning your wedding online.

The planning process usually starts by selecting a wedding theme and planning the ideal location and venue to host your wedding. Before the internet, this was typically accomplished by spending weeks calling venues, booking appointments, and driving around to various reception halls and event facilities for an ideal location.

Today you can access and view hundreds of locations in your city of choice, view photos, download floorplans, book an appointment right from the website and check the availability on a virtual calendar or even take a virtual tour while enjoying a latte at your kitchen table within an hour or even before lunch. From local to destination weddings, it is really that simple! Before this, brochures had to have been mailed out and digital video and virtual tours was something that couples would only dream of. Could you imagine not being able to view the venue at your destination wedding through a virtual tour? Today this would be unacceptable.

Once the date and venue has been finalized most brides focus on one of the most important details, the dress! Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is where planning your wedding online makes things much easier. For those who live in rural areas or have fewer selections of bridal boutiques in their local area, shopping for your wedding dress online makes things much easier. For those of you who have much more options in bridal boutiques in your city, shopping online can help you to narrow down your options to a more manageable number before leaving your home. When shopping for your dress or browsing vision boards on wedding style blogs and sites like Pinterest to select your style, this will help to keep several windows of opportunities open when it comes to comparison when you finally start to try on dresses at a brick and mortar boutique which makes the entire process of dress shopping less overwhelming.

Since the inception of the internet we have come a long way with the wedding planning process. Whether you are hiring a wedding planner or planning it yourself, things are just going to get easier as technology advances.