Privacy Policy

When you visit any website, you are providing a range of personal information to the owners of the website about your visit, depending on what actions you take. This is also the case on You should always understand the privacy policies on any website when supplying information during your use of the website. You should always ask if the site does not make the necessary information available to you. We will only use the information you send to us during your visit for the purposes of internal tracking. This includes the activities of making effective for you to use and making appropriate responses to your requests for information and other features or services. Unless specifically mentioned, we do not use your personal information for any other reason. We will never sell your information to a third party, and we will never give a third party access to your information.  Notice Information you make available to us When you visit, we make a record of the Internet provider’s domain name and country that you visited from (e.g., ‘’) and the course you take as you navigate from one page to another (i.e., “click stream” activity). Information requests and visitor registration When you use or register on the website, we only collect personal information that you provide of your own accord. “Personal information” includes that which can identify you as a certain individual, such as your name or email. For those making affiliate agreements, this information may also include your name and company name. It is possible to browse our site without registering but you will need to register for the purpose of using certain features that we offer.