SEPT 4, 2022


Toronto Bridal Week Digital Marketplace & Trade Show Platform powered by AI offers exhibitors an opportunity to maximize their reach with powerful and effective marketing to introduce yourself to new clients.

The Event Web & Mobile App for Virtual Events – powered by AI includes:

Your organization’s very own event page.

Our AI powered networking modules work for you delivering daily analytics and interactions of every visitor to your exhibitor booth. 

Schedule meetings with attendees at your exhibitor booth. A great way to introduce your product or service to new clients in our digital marketplace and trade show.

Schedule video calls with attendees and customers abroad.

Share your event schedule with your social media and mailing list from your exhibitor booth stright from our platform or your mobile device with ease.

Create video streaming sessions to attendees.

Live interaction allows you to connect in real-time so you can answer questions about your wonderful product or service to attendees all over the world!

Collect data of attendees who visited your booth.

Integrate your twitter feed to your exhibitor booth so you can stay in touch with your followers in real-time. Invite them to your broadcasts and keynotes.

Stay in the loop with all programs, speakers and exhibitors through our digital marketplace and tradeshow.

Get in-depth analytics about attendees to help power your leads.

Dedicated Event Manager

Dedicated Event Manager

Your dedicated event manager helps you make your event a success, working closely on the communication, logistics, set up and matchmaking data. Your Dedicated Project Manager is online the days of your event, answers questions from attendees and exhibitors, host the Online Help Desk.
They are also available to provide you with support if necessary. Our team will help you:


  • Last tests before the event
  • Adding live stream links / pre-recorded videos
  • Scheduling notifications sent during the event
  • Platform opening to participants
  • The general test of the platform
  • End of content import (sessions, discussion groups, appointment slots,
    speaker profiles, etc.).
  • Integration with the registration platform and/or import of participants
    with excel
  • Exhibitor and sponsors webinar
  • Platform opening to exhibitors/sponsors
  • Last edits on invitation emails, and first reminders
  • Final import of exhibitors and their members (creation of profiles, creation
    of personalized fields, personalization of the exhibitor welcome message,
    etc.) + creation of the types of objects (products, services, etc.)
  • Customization of guides and other visuals
  • Last touches on the home screen (with buttons and design, logos, ads)