Dovita Bridal – Gloria Collection
Dovita Bridal - The Gloria Collection - Alisa
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Alisa is sequined Chantilly lace combined with embroidered lace.

Verona is an A-shape with long sleeves. Its neckline is immaculate, finishing this dress perfectly for those brides willing to look more bohemian on their big day.

The Vera dress creates an illusion of length and flow due to its mermaid shape. Vera requires hours of needlework and precision to reach its level of botanical inspired details that will captivate everyone.

Romana is a mermaid dress with a beautiful tail, long sleeves, and an open back that frames the body in a beautiful way. It is shimmery, elegant, and sexy at the same time.

Olivia is an A-line dress that brings the best of the classic and modern style.

The Milan dress has a handmade floral pattern design all over its classical A-shape. This romantic dress with an open back and beautiful neckline has the perfect silhouette for every bride.

Leona is a mermaid dress with a minimalist design that is elevated through a beautiful handmade embroidery that shines from within. It also has a V-neckline and detachable cape.

The Gloria ball gown features enhanced ruffles in a modern and romantic way. The off-shoulder look and handmade embroidered corset are exquisite.

Diana is an A-shape dress with a sophisticated tail that attracts all the attention.

Claudia is an A-line shape dress with ruffles on the skirt and voluminous short sleeves. The floral detail on the waistline and the subtle attention that the neckline brings are the perfect complement for this dress.

Chance features a complex design of textures and sparks over lace and tulle that will make you look radiant. The waist is framed with a bow that adds a wink of romanticism.

Carrera features a 3D handmade embroidery and the lace details make this dress a very special one. It is romantic, delicate, and flowy in a way that no other dresses are. Carrera is youthful and timeless.

Brilliant is a beautiful optical illusion due to its combination of handmade floral and geometric figures that requires hours of needlework to reach its level of detail. The detachable tulle skirt and open back give it a modern and flowy look.

Bohemia features a corset with thin straps and gorgeous handmade embroidery enhances the classical A-shape of the dress.

Berta brings a mermaid dress silhouette with a cut skirt and voluminous one sleeve.

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