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Multicultural Marketing

Identity resolution is the foundation for understanding your target customers and reaching them with the right message at the right time.

Leverage the Next Generation of Identity Solutions

Why Multicultural Marketing?
21.9% of Canadians were immigrants. In fact, by 2036, immigrants could represent up to 30 percent of all Canadians by 2036. And yet, whet it comes to Advertising and Marketing, they become just another checkbox in the marketer’s handbook.

Ethnic marketing is a complex topic, but it is becoming crucial for Canadian businesses to persuade their ethnically diverse audiences.

Multicultural marketing opens new roads for brands to engage with their consumers outside the “majority audience.” It targets specific consumer segments based on ethnic and socio-cultural patterns, building a deeper emotional connection that increases the chance of a conversion.

Multicultural marketing shouldn’t be a one-off strategy. A focus on specific cultural groups and their needs can be a consistent theme across your brand’s identity, reinforcing recall for every audience segment.

Growing Market

Every 3 years, the multicultural demographic grows by over 1.1 million new consumers. As we segue into the new world of cloud, algorithm, clicks, metrics, and memes, it is easy to forget that every one of these consumers needs to know what makes your brand relevant to them.


Strategic communications agency with an in-depth understanding of ethnic markets and their cultural proclivities that translate to results for our clients. Multicultural marketing is essential for your brand to effectively connect with ethnic communities and future-proof your business.

Ritual Unions – BLANK 21/22 Collection

Luce + Sposa 2021 Collection – Sorrento, Italy



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