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Welcome to Toronto Bridal Week TV Broadcasting Solutions. We are Canada's first broadcast network made specifically for the wedding industry.

Distribute your message in one easy marketing campaign to reach millions across all devices and connected TV’S. Toronto Bridal Week is Canada's first bridal fashion television broadcast network made specifically for the wedding industry.


Grow Your Audience Build and engage your audience, turn users into lifetime fans.


Increase Distribution

Be both where your audience is now and where they will be.


Reduce Costs

Be omni-channel without draining resources and time.

Reach Millions Through Toronto Bridal Week TV Broadcasting Solutions
Be a part of Canada's largest broadcast & marketing network made for the wedding industry!

We've partnered with the industry's top streaming providers to get your brand seen in front millions of targeted viewers worldwide!

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TORONTO BRIDAL WEEK welcomes you to our global fashion network of the world’s leading events, governing association collaborations, designer discovery and mentorship platforms, consumer festivals and digital experiences that open the gateway to bridal fashion trends, innovation and style.


We are dedicated to offering you the best possible media platform to debut your collection and promote your organization along with unsurpassed marketing platforms to help you tell your brands story with an opportunity to reach millions of targeted viewers worldwide. As we continuously strive to evolve TORONTO BRIDAL WEEK, we welcome any question or feedback you may have along the way, and are here to ensure a successful showcase.


We offer value to businesses by connecting our clients to buyers and consumers while offering an end-to-end SaaS platform to market your brand through our media network that is accessible on every device. Our media environment allows our clients in building a more intimate relationship with their new and existing clients while introducing them to products, services and vendors in the bridal industry.

Toronto Bridal Week Marketing Solutions helps your business earn additional revenues. We help you to target your viewers with campaigns curated especially for them. Campaigns will also get you additional sales, an added advantage.

Push Notifications

As soon as new content to our digital magazine or videos are scheduled subscribers will receive push notifications to our TV and mobile app. This will get you additional clicks and views on your videos than what you would have gotten without these notifications.

With proper analytical data, you can assess information such as what locations around the world you get most downloads from and what devices your app is used on most. We can design your campaigns accordingly. It also gives you insight into how you can create new content based on metrics, like average watch times and your most viewed content.

Go for it. Redirect resources towards the marketing of your broadcast campaign. Your competitors are doing it, so should you! It’s the only way to reach out to as many potential users as possible.


Once you’ve decided how much you want to allocate to your marketing budget, you’re free to scale your business in other respects, and that is where we step in. Contact Mondo Bridal Agency today to help set up and grow your business.


Increase engagement and conversion by making video a seamless part of your
content marketing and marketing automation strategies.


Video is the most engaging medium, but measuring its ROI and impact has traditionally been difficult and done separate from the marketing mix.


Now, video content can be seamlessly integrated into marketing automation platforms for campaign management and measurement. Capturing video analytics and engagement metrics fuels new marketing insight, segmentation, and next marketing actions.


The new wave of video analytics tied to marketing automation delivers high-quality lead scoring, measurable ROI, and business impact.


Video moves business — no form of content engages and converts customers more effectively than high-quality video. Successful marketers know that people love all kinds of video. Whether its branded entertainment, webinars, product reviews, or tutorials, every video view builds brand affinity and personal connection that ultimately results in increased sales and loyalty. That’s why both consumer brands and B2B companies are making video an ever-larger part of their marketing strategy to drive the customer lifecycle. But how do you maximize video’s effectiveness within other marketing tactics so that it fits within your overall marketing strategy?


The modern marketer turns to marketing automation and video platforms that tie these analytics together to improve marketing impact, gain customer insight, and calculate marketing ROI.


Video has the power to drive engagement throughout the customer journey. Video analytics make it possible to measure customer engagement with a high-degree of certainty. Take for example, a static piece of marketing content which limits insight to a binary metric: did someone open an email — yes or no? A person may have downloaded a white paper or infographic, but you’ll never know whether they actually read it or how much. Video takes you many levels deeper: Did a person click “play?” How much was watched — a quarter of the video, half, or the whole thing? What was the last thing they saw before they stopped, and which information had they taken in by that point? Did they use an integrated sharing tool to post the clip to a social network or email it to a friend? By tracking that kind of data — within the same marketing automation environment as core marketing tactics such as email, webinars, downloads — you can better engage your customers, accurately quantify the impact of each video on engagement and messaging, and more effectively guide the development of future video content.


Toronto Bridal Week Marketing Solutions allows your marketing team to track your monthly metrics as we provide transparent reporting so you know how effective your video campaign is working every step of the way. There’s no need to switch systems or to risk the errors of coding or cut-and-paste. Our system make marketing teams more productive, while video helps them engage and convert customers more effectively.


Once your broadcast campaign has been published, you can leverage the power of our analytics and marketing automation to drive marketing next steps with your customer and prospect base. The result is more personalized, contextual communications, which are proven to lead to better engagement and conversion results. If a prospect watches your company overview video and submits a form for more information, you can route them into a company nurture track. Or, if a customer watches the latest product video, that action may trigger a follow-up email with deeper product information or a case study.



Marketers have greater responsibility than ever before, and are expected to be the revenue engine of the modern business. The good news is that the modern marketing department has more information than ever before at its fingertips to understand and shape the customer journey with content, processes, and technology. The latest technology is especially tailored to drive conversion and revenue, and to reveal amazing insight into the health and performance of the business.


This new marketing technology provides insight into campaign performance so that if changes in strategy are needed, informed decisions can be made backed by proof points and analysis. When integrated with a marketing automation platform, video, which is a highperforming content type, becomes part of the overall campaign analysis and enables data-driven decisions.


Measuring the success of these video marketing efforts is perhaps the marketer’s most important responsibility of all. With the power of marketing automation, video marketers can now directly correlate video views and engagement with lead generation, campaign success, opportunity creation, and closed deals. For the marketer, this is an opportunity to measure and improve lead generation campaigns, and to evaluate their business impact.


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Take advantage of the power of video: pop up a customizable lead form before, during, or after your video so you can collect lead
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It is important to focus your marketing effort on the prospects and customers who are the most engaged with your content. Track if
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Once you understand the specific video behavior of a prospect or customer, you can then segment each of them and communicate with them with targeted, contextual messages. Viewers of your highlevel, brand videos can be added to a general nurture track, while viewers of your detailed product videos can be added to a product messaging email track.

Video has the unique ability to engage and convert customers more effectively than any other form of content. As marketers continue to increase the use of video in their marketing mix, they can maximize the return on their investment by integrating video marketing into their marketing automation strategy. Our Marketing Suite brings together this powerful combination to drive customer engagement and
conversion across the customer journey, measure ROI, and understand the impact of your video marketing.


  • Reach millions of targeted viewers and households worldwide through our Smart TV Shopping Channel available on every device and connected TV’s

  • Mobile first! We market your brand world wide

  • Canada’s first Direct-To-Consumer Wedding Exposition that is open to international markets

  • Give your viewers high quality, captivating experiences they’ve grown to expect regardless of their device choice.

  • Our local and international wedding planning business directory allows users to search and find your business with ease from our store locator accessible from our multi-platform via the web and mobile

  • We showcase your organization to the world

Interactivity with impact

Imagine if your viewers could explore your video, and step right into the world of your products? Revolutionize your customer’s experience with Toronto Bridal Week TV. Give customers the power to interact with your brand within videos – without needing to go anywhere else. All this accessible on every device and connected TV’s.

Business Owners

Connect with your audience on a whole new level. Bridal Fashion Week’s hybrid marketing platform allow sign-ups from directly within your video in our digital magazine, powering your lead generation and revealing what truly drives your customers.

Power Your Leads

Who needs unnecessary redirects? TORONTO BRIDAL WEEK gives you the tools to expand your customer database by getting contact details and signups from directly within your storefront on at Toronto Bridal Week.


We convert your viewers into clients. Enable ‘add to cart’ and ‘buy now’ buttons inside your interactive TV broadcast so viewers can shop while they watch.

Lead Generation

Engaging videos are powerful tools for mining new business leads. Vastly increase your reach with sharable interactive videos that seamlessly work across any channel, in any location.

Business Directory & Store Locator

Spread awareness of your store and bring your audience one step closer by inviting them to purchase directly from within your videos.


We’re all on the lookout for great offers, but don’t always find them in the right moment. Make it easy for price-savvy customers by enabling offer codes in your video.


Garner your viewer’s intent right within your video by enabling poll/survey features. Use this deeper-level understanding to strengthen insights.


What if your customers could book from within your ads? Whether you’re a hotel, travel, entertainment or events company, harness the spur-of-the-moment and make it easier for them to get to you.

Any device, any medium, any player

With Toronto Bridal Week’s Direct-To-Consumer Video Solutions, your video plays exactly as it should, wherever it is shared. TBW’s interactive videos play at any orientation, on any screen and any video player, working seamlessly across social media.

Seamless Functionality

Ordinary video doesn’t always work smoothly across platforms. Our innovative technology guarantees functionality across Facebook video ads, pre-roll ads, in-stream and out-stream ads, and mobile native ads, making it simpler and quicker to scale and drive performance.

Learn Now and Track New Leads.

And turn ordinary views into extraordinary customer experiences!

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